ARE COUNCIL'S MODERN SLAVE TRADERS? - Council's are not making land available for sustainable building projects - as a 5 year rolling stock - as required by national planning policy. And the Government is not taking them to task over that, because their own investments would suffer, allegedly.


Is this a deliberate agenda to keep council taxes (rates) artificially high, regardless of the cost of living crisis and the hardship such financial enslavement is causing? Council income taxes need to be high, to pay for the ridiculous number of civil servants, whose pensions will sink the UK further into debt.

The boom of executive cardboard box house building, especially in the south of England, might be seen as modern slave trading, thus fueling the cost of living crisis, and making landlords fat at the expense of the working man and woman, who face a life in financial chains.




Public sector time bomb, is a Ponzi Scheme fraud perpetuated by the British Government


Many MPs and party supporters are landlords & property developers. They get to build expensive houses the market could not support if there were a plentiful supply of low cost housing. They do not care about financial slavery, for Britain, including the Royals, profited from slavery, today as inheritances. They were just looking for a way of making it less obvious as to their agendas. But, slavery is slavery, no matter there are no physical chains, as you grow sugar, pick cotton or tobacco on plantations in the Caribbean. The game is the same, the victims now English yeomen, instead of Africans.






 The Baroness of Alderley Edge - 2023 peerage







[LEFT] CAROL VORDERMAN - Speaking out about Tory Greed, and entitled to her views, as a Human Right. We think her maths is spot on the money.


[RIGHT] Nadine Dorries, a Tory MP who may not have been granted, what she thought was on the cards, after backing Boris! Veronica Hawking, Head of Campaigns at 38 Degrees, said: "The 75,000 signatures on our petition represent a clear message from the British public to Nadine Dorries: we're paying you for this job, and we expect you to do it." Dorries was a close ally of disgraced PM Boris Johnson - and has not spoken in the Commons for over a year, since July 7 last year. Funny though, Nadine finds time to host a weekly TalkTV chat show and is working on a book on the "political assassination" of Bojo the Clown - apparently (allegedly) due to be published days before the Tory conference. If she is not available for her constituents as an MP, is she then accepting public money for appearing on a TV show and writing a book. In our 'book' that may well constitute fraud, the book and appearance money on any talk show; proceeds of crime. And who wants to read a book trying to say that Boris Johnson was anything other than a well spoken conman. (Politically speaking, allegedly) If taking money for services, and not providing them is not illegal. It should be. With Ms Dorries as the test prosecutions case, perhaps.




DEMOCRACY - Freedom of speech and the press, is an essential component of an enlightened society. You won't be surprised to learn that Wealden DC's officials, hate this website, but avidly scour the content. Presumably, for ideas : ) Politicians simply must accept legitimate criticism in a free State. We only print the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. So help us God, the good ship Wealden, and all who sail in her.






RATEPAYERS DEMAND BETTER - Councils owe tax payers a duty to provide value for money. Not to overpay executives, or provide gilt edged pensions. Let alone other benefits, like planning consents for their mates. Over development at cost to others living in the region, simply to get their hands on CIL payments. A very short term fix. We imagine from the state of the roads and lack of service infrastructure, the Wealden District Council may be trading insolvent. A legacy from the outgoing Conservative members, perhaps. Surely, worthy of investigation. What do you think?

MAY 2023 - The Conservative Pothole Party are out in Wealden. The Libdems took a whopping 13 seats, with the Greens taking a staggering 11 seats on the council. The 'Pothole Party' lost 28 seats. Now the victors need to take their positions out for a spin, and try to come up with reforms that might make a difference. Affordable homes and a rolling stock of land to be able to supply to self builds and flat packs. No services are required in the modern world. It is cheaper to stay off the grid, with water treatment units and boreholes for water supplies.




THEY'RE OUT - In May 2023, the votes rolled in confirming a landslide ousting of the Pothole Party in Wealdenland. If Potholes are a visible indicator of a government raiding your piggy bank, you can feel the bumpy ride for yourself. Conservative led Wealden (no longer of course) recently (July 2023) confirmed in writing that they have purchased quite a bit of land, but that none of it is designated for affordable housing. Despite the requirement to prepare a strategy to meet such needs. Many have asked if that constitutes Fraud, or Breach of Contract. Especially, with low income families, looking to escape the rental trap & financial slavery for life.







MARCH 2023: JEREMY HUNT - Mr uninformed, or simply nuclear dumb? This reminds us of PG&E, and Erin Brokovich, where the energy company was telling locals that carcinogenic chromium was good for them. But secretly knew they were killing them, and watched while cancer consumed many residents. We hear that Johnson and Hunt are being considered as the new leads in a remake of Dumb & Dumber. The bottom line is that politicians are not elected to feather their nests, but to represent the wishes and needs of the people. Did you know that if we cancelled our military spending, that Britain would be debt free in just 10 years. That is how much it costs to pretend to still have an Empire.


COUNCILLORS GORING & HIMMLER - If you think this picture is a bit extreme, check out Wealden's taxation policies. They seem to have found a way to fleece more innocent victims, on their way to the (virtual) gas chambers of commerce. At least property owners get a nice shower before the cremation pits. Wealden's economy, up in flames, as they vote in a Final Solution: financially rape and burn them!  Rachel Maclean was appointed the 15th Tory housing minister since 2010, in February 2023. How long will she last in the post with perhaps more at stake for rich landlords who donate big time, when it is affordable housing the nation desperately needs. Not mansions for executives. No wonder our roads are so potholed, with housing estates by the bucket load overloading our infrastructure. We need urgent policy change, to getaway from Thatcherist Poll Tax policies.


WE'RE ALRIGHT JACK - This uniform represents a monarchy that many believe is unfit for purpose. In 2023 we have protestors calling for the abolition of Heads of State who fail to properly care for their subjects. The electorate are calling for a Republic with a Written Constitution, to replace gongs, knighthoods, secret handshakes and rough justice. Remember when Queen Elizabeth was lied to by Boris Johnson, and did nothing about it. Remember when Bojo lied to you in his election campaign about NHS savings if we left Europe. And now the NHS is far worse. Remember when Boris mislead Parliament over parties, allegedly, at No 10? All of those issue should have triggered the sacking of that haystack of buffoonery. And then it was revealed that the Head of State, King Charles, may have links to slave traders, in the lead up to his Coronation. During the Coronation, the Metropolitan police physically restrained peaceful protestors, denying their right to bemoan the Crowning of the ageing King - who pays no death duties. And, it's all gone quiet on the subject of slavery. Indeed, Britons are still slaves to money. Banks are the new slavers, allied to property developers, who control corrupt councils. Council's who are trading fraudulently. Raking in huge salaries against over development, rape of the land.




ENDLESS CONSERVATIVE CORRUPTION  - Nadim Zahawi was investigated by the Inland Revenue for tax fraud, and found to owe around a little less than £5 million pounds with penalties. Oddly enough, they don't prosecute what many people may agree is fraud, because they need the high earners to continue raking it in, so they can tax them. Yet, if you steal a loaf of bread because you are hungry, you will be prosecuted - or in days gone by, shipped to Australia. Zahawi claimed that failing to make payment, was an error. We should all be so lucky to have five million to pay taxes. With so many billionaires, we really should consider wealth taxes. The money going directly into carbon reduction schemes, to make up for the high carbon footprints needed to make such sums. To be clear, any money collected to counter profiteering, should not go anywhere near the Treasury. Because, the treasury is a trough for greedy piggies, used for everything but what the taxes were collected for. The Heads of State have allowed this situation to persist, thus, must be seen as part of the problem! What do you think? Currently, the Head of State, also head of the Church of England, is King Charles. Borrowing crisis, now at £2.7 trillion, with more sleazy, tax avoidance schemes.




 The underhanded underwear queen, allegedly.           He wants his cake, and to eat it.   



WOW  - Bojo looks to be an amateur compared to Michelle Mone, Baroness of Mayfair. Surely now we should be considering abolishing the House of Lords. And maybe, introducing laws as to constituencies and MPs that are AWOL, hence unable to perform their duty, in respect of the financial rewards for being an MP. Boris helps us to make a case again election fraud. Michelle Mone, a look at procurement fraud in government contracts and Covid 19, where the so-called Conservative party has been granting titles to those who pony up the cash, as donations to their Party. Bankrupt Britain might want to consider a Debt Moratorium. With Conservative councils like Thurrock, Essex, over spending by £469 million pounds, might we expect yet more corruption revelations?



Prime Minister Rishi Sunak was set to urge world leaders at COP27 to move "further and faster" in transitioning to renewable energy. Mr Sunak travelled to Egypt for the UN climate summit after U-turning on a decision not to go. In his address on Monday, he will say Russia's invasion of Ukraine "reinforced" the importance of ending dependence on fossil fuels. COP27 follows a year of climate-related disasters and record temperatures. King Charles III will not be attending, but hosted an event at Buckingham Palace ahead of the Conference of the Parties. The King has enough on his plate, with the UK still discriminating, and the courts being biased due to the honours system, where there is no Right Of Appeal in the United Kingdom. Is it time for a Written Constitution, to correct ongoing injustices? And is the Monarchy up to that task. Or is the Firm unfit for purpose?



Liz Truss, a bantam posing as a heavyweight       Jeremy Hunt, Chancellor



ONCE THERE WAS A SILLY OLD ANT - Can Liz Truss, or any politician for that matter, put right the Conservatives tripling our national debt since 2010. Incompetent or what! Thank heavens she only lasted 44 days as PM. The famous U-turns, showed us how bad the economy has been handled in previous years. We have been borrowing money that banks did not have to lend, in terms of global warming. The planet should be what currency is index linked to. A return to real gold coins so that savings cannot be devalued overnight by politicians who talk big, with no plan to deliver.





It was not Wealden or Eastbourne councils misbehaving in 2022, it was the Planning Inspectorate, granting consents for unsustainable housing builds that are climate unfriendly - with council vampires in the wings waiting to pounce with 200-300% tax increases. The Conservative led brick-rush, is fueling global warming, and lighting the bankruptcy gas chambers. These developments are not zero carbon, and there is no infrastructure to support them. Planning inspectors should be ashamed of themselves, for leading developers up the garden path to damnation. 


All new housing should be affordable, energy self sufficient and have electric vehicle charging points. Further, they should be sustainable in design, so include as much wood as possible, to lock up carbon. Affordable housing would go some way to reducing the cost of living in the present crisis, where savings have been halved in value, due to Conservative borrowing, from banks that have been lending more paper promises than the planet can afford.




They finally booted him out. Hurrah!!! Three cheers to those who walked out on him.    The Duke of York's militry affiliations and Royal patronages have been returned to the QueenPrince Andrew in full military and royal regalia, facing financial ruin



PRAISE THE LORD - The $Billion dollar whale has been harpooned. We now have a chance to elect someone who has the moral gumption to reverse the fortunes of their dependents; the electorate. His bullshit has cost the UK and the climate £billions of pounds. That is the trouble with a good speaker, without any substance to back up his smooth talking. It's time to get back to basics. An equitable economy is  based on honesty. A sustainable economy must be transparent. Borrowing to prop up untenable policies must stop. He must never be made a Knight of the Garter. That royal gaff may have been a bridge too far. 


BRITAIN IS THE MOST CORRUPT COUNTRY IN THE WORLD - Drug money is funding the building boom, as the UK allows overseas investors to purchase new builds, built such that locals cannot afford to buy a home. You may have heard about the lack of affordable housing.

Council's are not making land available for sustainable building projects - as a 5 year rolling stock - as required by national planning policy. And the Government is not taking them to task over that, because their investments would suffer, allegedly.

Thus there is a boom of executive house building, especially in the south of England. The rents generated from these purchases is effectively laundering dirty drug money – but also making houses less affordable, as drug dealers pay over the odds to grab the action. So making local houses more expensive for locals, who are then forced to rent - as financial slaves in perpetuity.

Cameron, May and Johnson knew about this, but sat on their hands – raking in the immoral earnings – in the full knowledge that housing benefits will be paid to drug dealers. So hiking up Council Taxes. In other words, the British taxpayer is paying extra rates, to help drug dealers legitimize themselves. If houses were affordable, £70-120,000 drug landlords would be out of business. Young families could escape the renting trap and buy, meaning lower council taxes.

Many MPs and party supporters are landlords & property developers. They get to build expensive houses the market could not support without drug money – and the less well off electorate could never afford to buy. Council’s know all this and revel in it.

That is why there are no affordable houses.

The Government could easily use anti-terrorism algorithms to track house purchases via the Land Registry, then trace back the source of the money overseas. Only money that is legitimate, from tax paid sources in other countries, would be allowed to be used to buy property in the UK. The money coming into the UK property market is not limited to drugs, but also includes sex trafficking. 


Now dear Rishi is raiding the ordinary man's piggy bank, so that his children might not benefit from inheritance - and it only took him all his life to accumulate. Presumably, dumb & dumber studied Colonial accounting and rule. But we don't have an Empire anymore to underpin the excesses or crass policies. Bojo can't sack Rishi, cos he bankrupt the nation with his poppycock, and needs the cash from your savings for more wallpapering during lockdown. Though he's snake-charmed Her Majesty with a parliament prorogue, sufficiently that she didn't sack him. Why not? Well, at that level, without a Written Constitution and the Justice System infested with honours and secret society influence, he is above the law - because there is no law in what is effectively a police state - if you report crime and then get slammed with stalking Orders or other SLAPP action for your trouble. Especially banking of planning fraud. Then are are for it my lad! They don't want the public to know about the bigger picture. You just keep watching the BBC and ITV, for your regular whitewashed news drip feed.


With Prince Charles' charity under investigation, Prince Andrew up before the beak, and Harry & Megan having departed the sinking ship, British Citizens really need a shakeup constitutionally. There simply are not enough (competent) Royals to make important decisions - hence giving the likes of Boris the Johnson - free reign for so long. The best of a bad bunch? There has got to be better! fingers crossed then for some sunshine in 2022. Not least for the former Prince, now facing financial ruin under draconian sex legislation that finds the accused guilty, until proven innocent. (In the UK) We imagine it is extremely difficult to defend a historic allegation, where one does not normally keep records of parties and the like going back 20 years.




The Wealden district was home to one of the most kleptocratic (Nazi) councils in England. Where councils control building in their areas, they are directly responsible for global warming. They are frightened of developers, and effectively in their pockets, with party political contributions. When they should be dictating what is built and where. They are cowards, prepared to watch mass extinctions, directly in proportion to what they are allowing to be built. In our book that makes them Planet Earth Climate Criminals. Of which, Putin is the new Hitler.


Developers are allowed to blackmail the officers and the members with threats of non-development. We say that suits us fine. Don't develop - unless it is sustainable and affordable.




Man Made Famine is one of the by products of profiteering in business



As councils build more polluting houses to try and dig the Conservatives out of their/our debt, they are contributing to global warming, the cause of Man Made Famine and Geographical Genocide. The Business as usual approach to local politics is killing people in far away lands. Spare a thought for them as you move into your new brick houses in England, Northern Ireland and Wales. Local politicians and civil servants know what they are doing is morally indefensible, but they are driven by desperation - and the need for party political donations from property developers, and why not a bit of personal profit on the side. They don't give a fig about all the people overseas that they are in effect (allegedly) murdering. Local authorities should be building zero carbon houses that are affordable, also net zero in energy terms, incorporating carbon lock with timber construction. But they won't do that because they want higher council taxes on executive housing for their Conservative landlords to rent out - and to keep those party donations rolling in. These are your local climate criminals. Blah, blah, blah.




It is for the British Government to close this loophole in the wake of the declared Climate Emergency, or these local climate criminals will continue to profit from inappropriate development. Statute must be introduced to stamp out non-sustainable housing, factories, hospitals and schools - that will otherwise be built.


Where many councils in Britain are corrupt empire builders intent on creating wealth for their kleptocrat executives via higher council taxes from carbon unfriendly development, their past behaviour shows that they will continue to abuse their positions of trust until the law prevents them from doing so - and even then there will be planning favours.


There has never been a policing system for the planning system, nor is there transparency, where councils are covering their tracks with as much burying of information as they can. Try auditing your local authorities accounts and you will see what we mean and where is the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) going to? Beats the s*#t out of us. It just seems to disappear.




Little Venice, Wealden Lake District, East Sussex County Council, Highways     Shit creek at Herstmonceux village is Sussex. Would you buy one of these?     Greenhouse Gas Awards contender, Wealden District Council



FLOODING DECEMBER 2020 - Seasons best from the Lake District of Wealden, known locally as 'Little Venice.' The Council's agenda to turn this area into a water attraction appears to be working beautifully. By building brick houses as fast as they can go, they are helping to raise the temperature of the planet, so also helping desert areas such as the Sahara to increase as a sandy tourist attraction in Africa. A boon for Egypt and tourists visiting the Pyramids.


From reading Wealden's planning policy of build, build, build - it's a win, win situation. They'll be breaking out the gondolas, presumably, giving one away free to each person buying a house in this location, to help the locals make the most of their new watery environment. Eventually roads could become canals, with operatic music mandatory from local hostelries. Interestingly, this artificial lake feeds a RAMSAR site, so we hope they are taking precautions to filter out the harmful hydrocarbons from washing the underside of the cars. Oh, yes, another benefit to motorists is the free chassis wash. Though Wealden officials may start charging, once this service really gets going as another form of Community Infrastructure Levy to top up the officer's pension fund.


Thank you Wealden. What would we do without you. We are sure those benefiting from your actions in desert areas, and the polar bears in the Arctic, would also thank you.


THE BROWN CLIFFS OF HERSTMONCEUX - Hailsham Road, Herstmonceux - Housing development in the village above Lime Wood, Herstmonceux in Sussex, clearly designed by climate morons and allowed by the sheep at Parish and District council level. Sir David would not be amused as to the blight on nature, let alone Queen Victoria. To make matters worse, there appears to be a brown smelly discharge into the stream at the foot of what was a lovely little country ramble with an unspoiled stream. Now it is this insane artificial hillside! It's not Great Britain, it's a Great British Cock Up. You can read more about this at: and on Joanna Denton's page.


REPEAT OFFENDERS - It's no wonder that Extinction Rebellion is gathering such momentum with councils all over England carrying on as if there was no crisis. The carbon footprint for Herstmonceux village has rocketed because of all the failings of the members of Wealden to tackle climate change and set a good example. Wealden's councillors have granted planning permission for hundreds of houses without solar panels or electric vehicle charging points. If this example by every town and village in the United Kingdom, then our country would be one of the worst polluters in the world on a per square kilometer basis. The councillors you voted for are partly responsible for killing hundreds of species. It makes us want to glue ourselves to something. Peacefully mind you. This village is a contender for the Greenhouse Gas award 2019.




The Wealden district encompassed some of the most beautiful countryside and sea views in the United Kingdom. There is though an acute shortage of genuinely affordable housing and the area produces a good deal of greenhouse gases leading to temperature rises that will affect many other regions on earth and raise sea levels with dire consequences.


Services in the area are below standard as may benefit the local economy, the roads in particular are potholed beyond belief and hardly able to cope with traffic flow, without any rebate in terms of Road Fund License contributions and the obvious Breach of Contract. There are very few electric vehicle charging points and no infrastructure plan for EVs making local taxes appear extortionate in relation to returns. Planning for a sustainable future is virtually non-existent. Why then are we being forced to pay so much Council Tax if all our councils are doing is adding to Global Warming? Traditional brick built houses are not the solution. timber units would create a carbon lock allied to sustainable planting of trees, by way of example. Hence, tree planting should be a priority. The solutions are simple, but they are beyond the average Councillor and Town Planner who can't see beyond their noses and wallets. We need climate action now!.


Crime in the district is a problem more for the organised nature of the police that allow councils to operate in a closed shop fashion bereft of transparency. The police themselves work the same way despite the new Crime Commissioners that are supposed to tackle white collar corruption. Corruption is unsustainable in United Nations terms and a practice that should be addressed according to SDG16.


Regional development is dependent on the quality of leadership from our Members of Parliament, the elected members of councils and on the efficiency of civil servant staff employed at great expense to plan ahead and provide all the services we need - bearing in mind the targets set to comply with the Climate Change Act 2008 and other acts designed to ensure an economy that is circular, for this otherwise delightful location.




   Ye Olde Generating Works at Herstmonceux in Sussex


FROSTY - [LEFT] You can't quite make them out, but in the distance are three wind turbines tucked away in the mist on this crisp winter morning. Copyright © Climate Change Trust January 30 2018.  


SNOW - [RIGHT] Make the most of it, with global warming and the UK struggling to reach its targets, this scene will become very rare indeed. It did not last long, the cold snap evaporated into strong sunshine melting all of this snow before lunchtime. Pictured in the distance is the oldest electricity generating station in the United Kingdom. Copyright © Climate Change Trust February 6 2018.





        The rolling hills and downs of Wealden district


FARMING - The backbone of any society is the production of food to feed the population, though these days much of what we eat is imported from other producers, such as fish farmed in Asia, around 60% is home grown. That is a good thing because we can no longer find enough fish locally having exhausted our fisheries. Agriculture is also changing where we have drained the soil for so long with artificial fertilizers that yields will fall, meaning a shift to obtaining protein from the sea - but unfortunately we are disposing of around 8 millions tons of plastic in our seas - poisoning marine life that we need to keep us nourished. Food security is therefore high on the United Nations agenda via the Food and Agriculture Organization. This picture was taken in the summer of 2017.






The politics of the nation shape what happens locally, nationally and internationally. Political will is very important when it comes to implementing climate change policies and providing affordable housing in the quest for a Circular Economy. The political parties are answerable to the electorate, where for example, the present Conservative Government is not living up to its election promises on climate change or the delivery of affordable housing. This leaves the door open for Labour or Liberal policies to shine with a Green hue.




A snowy day in Febraury 2018 with driven flakes on the country hills in the Wealden district of Sussex   



MAY 2019 - The the United Kingdom declared a state of Climate Emergency. Prompted by Nicola Sturgeon and Jeremy Corbyn, acting after the protests by Extinction Rebellion and after Greta Thunberg paid a visit to Parliament. Wealden followed suit in July 2019, notably following the crowd like sheep, rather than leading the charge, like anti-warming bulls. Yet still house building was not sustainable in September of 2020 going through to 2024. POLEGATE WIND FARM - The 'Shephams Lane' wind turbines approved by the Secretary of State in 2015, that now generate clean electricity for the district and national grid thanks to a campaign by local protestors, with the foresight and determination of the developers.





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