Former WDC Cllr Rupert Thornely-Taylor is an acoustic and vibration consultant



Title: Leader of the Council 2002

Party: Conservative

Ward: Uckfield



The Climate Change Trust consider Mr Thornely-Taylor to have been one of the good guys in a tale that could make a wonderful whodunit novel. When Mr Taylor was the Leader of this Council - on a reading between the lines basis - it appears that with his common sense approach, and presumably, on reading the evidence for himself that the then Chief Executive of Wealden Council, Daniel Goodwin, and other officers and the local member, Andrew Long, were authorized to cut a deal with Mr Kruschandl to try to bring to a halt claims against this local authority in the High Court for what amounts to violations of Article 14 (discrimination per Kelly Davis v Wansdyke DC) and a long running battle where the Council did their level best to conceal the history attaching to an old Generating Station dating from C.1900, but that English Heritage and East Sussex County Council, were more for recognition and saving the (industrial) archaeological asset, despite the fact that councils tend to work together.


It appears that this is so because of blatant misdirection on the part of the officers at Wealden from as early as 1983, spanning a period of years, ending with a Health & Safety Regulations 1992 defeat when Dame Butler-Sloss agreed that Wealden could not lawfully deny toilet and washing facilities to their target. But it did not stop there, Wealden wanted their costs in relation to what amounts to an abuse of process (on a grand scale) and to continue the vendetta that the Leader appears keen to halt.


We reproduce a letter sent to the councillor at that time in his capacity as Leader, the content of which is self-explanatory. Following this letter, other councillors took up the cause at cabinet level involving Brian West, but even then, working with Nigel Coltman, and although a deal was sealed in the Eastbourne County Court by consent, the matter is still unresolved as of January 2018. The case is thus some 35 years old and still costing the tax payer money, with most costs to resolve if they don't try to draw a line under it soon. It's hardly a wonder that the UK is £Trillions in the red with such conduct being allowable and allowed by Her Majesty's Government.


Of greater significance perhaps, is that despite the Climate Change Act 2008 and this Council having signed up to the Nottingham Declaration (Memorandum of Understanding) they (and other UK councils) are lagging well behind when it comes to achieving targets.


These councils are also failing to cater for the less well off young families with affordable housing, even though the solution is relatively simple and the plight of UK homeless persons is a major issue. This appears to be due to conflicts of interest and begs the question "who is controlling these councils" the members or the political party members who are by and large Conservatives; it has to be said. Labour though, did nothing differently and a genuinely Green Party stands little chance of being elected on a manifesto designed to alleviate the suffering of the poor and a reversal of global warming, nor would the Liberal Democrats fair much better - and that is because the rich in our society are happy to stay rich on the backs of the next generation.



Institute of Acoustics website


IOA - The purpose of the International Institute of Acoustics and Vibration (IIAV) is to advance the science of acoustics and vibration by creating an international scientific society that is responsive to the needs of scientists and engineers in all countries whose primary interests are in the fields of acoustics and vibration. The Institute cooperates with scientific societies in all countries and with other international organizations with the aim of increasing information exchange by sponsoring, cosponsoring or supporting seminars, workshops, congresses and publishing journals, newsletters and other publications. The IIAV provides a refereed journal on paper, the International Journal of Acoustics and Vibration (IJAV), electronic newsletter and the International Sound and Vibration Digest (ISVD) for all members as part of their dues.




The Old Steam House
Lime Park Herstmonceux

East Sussex BN27 1RF


Cllr. Rupert Thornely-Taylor                                             FAX REF: 01825 712542
Spring Gardens
Fairwarp Nr Uckfield
East Sussex TN22 3BG
                                                                                     22 December 2001

Dear Cllr Thornely-Taylor




Where it has been suggested that I should apply for an outline permission to demolish the above historic building, I would respectfully remind the Council that it is their first duty to protect the historic built environment and the planning system is the tool by which buildings are given beneficial new uses to keep them viable. I cite PPG16 of 1990 “This guidance pulls together and expands upon existing advice” ……… “it places no new duties on local authorities” If we accept that there are no new duties, then Section 17 of Circular 22 of 1980 remains relevant: “The Secretaries of State will not be prepared to grant listed building consent for the demolition of a listed building unless they are satisfied that every possible effort has been made to continue the present use or find a suitable alternative use for the building.” And: “To ensure an economic future for old buildings it will often be essential to find appropriate alternative uses for them.” I would also draw your attention to the English Heritage publications: “Conservation-led Regeneration” and “Industrial Archaeology.”

Firstly, an application in 2000 to replace this historic building was dismissed by the Council as “frivolous.” Secondly, I have seen no evidence that your Council have made any effort at all to find an alternative use as required by Circular 22/80. The current suggestion I should now apply to demolish this building, when the County Archaeologist confirmed to the Council in January 2000 that the 1999 application would provide a re-use solution – appears contrary to the advice of the Secretaries of State to find alternative uses before considering demolition! The fact the building is not listed in its current condition is irrelevant where the experts say the building is of “considerable local historic importance” – the advice in Circular 22/80 and PPG16 has been generally applied to numerous unlisted barns, etc. It would appear inconsistent to depart from the policy adopted elsewhere by your Council.

Apart from English Heritage confirming this building is of “considerable local historic interest” and the County Archaeologist saying: “the building should be preserved if at all possible”, Hailsham Community College has also confirmed an interest in the site. A sample survey revealed that 90% of local people approached supported the restoration and re-use of this historic site by signing a Petition. A local Ramblers association also expressed a wish to see the site preserved. It appears therefore that the Council have not fully taken into account the wishes of the majority of the local electorate.

English Heritage went on to say that scheduling of this kind of building in day to day use would not be the appropriate method of conservation, leading one to the irresistibly conclusion that a beneficial stand alone use should be found in line with the guidance in their publications concerning new uses for former industrial buildings. Thus PPG16 has been interpreted for the Council by the experts, rather than any one-sided argument put forward by an the head of the Council’s legal department (who has already declared an interest) seeking to defend the incorrect assessment of Chezel Bird in 1995/96 & 1997 and the Council’s procedural irregularity.

Where your officers say I could have appealed the 1999 refusal, not only did I feel I was being led down a path requiring expert representation, which I could not afford, but I was advised by the Citizens Advice Bureau as to the folly of pursuing such a course where it is the Council’s duty to put things right. Might I offer that it is not for the public to correct a mistake of your Council’s making where according to PPG1 - Standards in the Planning System - Section 57: The six principles of the Citizens Charter apply, including: “giving value for money” and “putting things right.” A value for money solution might be to put the matter straight as quickly as possible.

There is now considerable support from the learned establishment in favour of conservation and re-use, and a wealth of guidance papers to draw on, all of which point to finding a new use for this historic building. You earlier stated you were “interested in the future of this site.” Not only will the locality benefit from the renovation that would follow as a new use is agreed, but in line with best value practices the long running negotiations would finally come to an end after nineteen years of burden to the taxpayer and an equally long term of uncertainty for myself. 

Lastly, and with respect, I should like to mention that the Council is obliged to act reasonably in the established “Wednesbury (rule)” judicial sense. If we accept that it is the Council’s responsibility to protect the historic built environment, is it reasonable for the Council to continue to look the other way, knowing a building of acknowledged historic importance sits on its doorstep without any economic incentive to conservation, simply because the Council are reluctant to admit that a decision they made in 1995 was based on incorrect information supplied by one of its officers

I understand that the Executive Panel has the power to direct the Council in any matter. Could I therefore please urge you as the Leader of the Council to break the barriers to finding a new use by directing your officers accordingly.

Yours sincerely 

Nelson J Kruschandl


C.C. Rt Hon Gregory Barker MP
Executive Panel Members
WDC Chief Executive






Rupert Thornely-Taylor - at: Saxtead Green, Suffolk, Großbritannien

Umweltdienste Aktuell - Saxtead Livestock Ltd, International Institute of Acoustics and Vibration, Rupert Taylor Ltd

Früher - Board of Conservators of Ashdown Forest, Defra, Association of Noise Consultants

Ausbildung - Harrow School

Webseiten Unternehmenswebseite


Managing DIrector of Rupert Taylor Ltd, consultants in Acoustics Noise and Vibration, particularly in relation to major infrastructure projects - railways, airports, ports. Specialists in numerical modelling of vibration of buildings and groundborne noise and vibration from underground railways.


Director - Saxtead Livestock Ltd
April 2013 – Heute (4 Jahre 10 Monate)

Chair, Membership Committee
International Institute of Acoustics and Vibration
2011 – Heute (7 Jahre)

Director - Rupert Taylor Ltd
1997 – Heute (21 Jahre)

Fellow and 1974 founder member
Institute of Acoustics
1974 – Heute (44 Jahre)

Principal Consultant and Managing Director
Rupert Taylor Ltd, Consultants in Acoustics, Noise and Vibration
Mai 1968 – Heute (49 Jahre 9 Monate)





According to his Linkedin page(s) Mr Taylor began his consultancy practice in 1968 and has built up extensive experience in the field of noise and vibration assessment for major infrastructure projects, some small sample of which we have noted below.

Rupert is a Past President of the Association of Noise Consultants and a Director of the International Institute of Acoustics and Vibration. He was a member of the Noise Advisory Council chaired by the Secretary of State for the Environment. He was a member of the Scott Committee, which drafted the basis of the noise section of the Control of Pollution Act 1974.

He is a specialist in numerical modelling of the generation and propagation of vibration. He developed the finite-difference-time-domain package FINDWAVE® that has been used for the prediction of vibration, re-radiated noise and groundborne noise extensively over the past twelve years in many countries.




ICSV212014  -  the 21st International Congress on Sound and Vibration, was held in Beijing, China on 13-17 July 2014. The Congress is sponsored by the International Institute of Acoustics and Vibration (IIAV), co-organized by the Acoustical Society of China (ASC) and the Institute of Acoustics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IACAS). The organizers warmly invite and welcome all the prospective participants around the world to come and join us. The theme of the Congress is "In Depth Sound and Vibration Research", by which we want to stress the physical insights in the mechanisms of sound and vibration. Technical papers on this theme were accepted and specially acknowledged.

Beijing is a historic city, and also a modern metropolis. It is the cultural centre, and the administrative capital of China. Its history dates back three millennia. As the last of the four great ancient capitals of China, Beijing has been the political centre of the country in much of the past seven centuries. The city is renowned for its opulent palaces, temples, gardens, tombs, great walls and gates, and also the hundreds of famous universities, research institutes, and professional organizations. In the city, you will find all the contrasts of modern China. Teeming neighborhoods and birch tress are woven together by elevated highways and modern skyscrapers. The well organized social and technical activities, pre- and post-congress tours, will bring you into a typical national but also international, a traditional but also ever-changing world of China.

The Congress will feature a broad range of high-level technical papers from all over the world. Distinguished lecturers will present brilliant presentations for our technical sessions and some discussions with a focus on the Congress theme. Meanwhile, extensive exhibitions of sound and vibration control technology, measurement instrumentation and equipment, and various social activities will be featured. The congress will supply you with an opportunity to communicate with other scientists and engineers about recent research advances, and exchange ideas in innovative technologies, find further development spaces, meet old friends and make new business partners in the field of sound and vibration.



Mr Taylor has had consultancy commissions from railway undertakings, objectors to railway proposals, rolling stock builders and equipment suppliers. He was expert witness in both Houses of Parliament during the committee stages of the Crossrail Bill, all the DLR and Croydon Tramlink Bills,the Jubilee Line Extension Bill, and the Channel Tunnel Rail Link Bill.


He was expert witness for Network Rail in the Thameslink 2000 public inquiries and the Dublin Metro North oral hearing. He is consultant to HS2 Ltd.

He is the author of the Pelican book NOISE, and editor or co-author of many other books. He has prepared reports on noise for the OECD including the report “Aircraft Noise, the Present Impact on the Population of OECD Countries and Prospects for Future Reduction”.


He was expert witness at the Airports Inquiries 1981-3, the original London City Airport inquiry, the Robin Hood Airport and Filton inquiries. He was part of the team which produced the environmental statement for the new Nanjing Airport and was consultant to the planning authorities for Birmingham, Gatwick and East Midlands Airports. He is consultant to Heathrow Airport Ltd.







In 2016 Rupert Thornely-Taylor was awarded the Rayleigh medal by the Institute of Acoustics, for outstanding contributions to acoustics.


In 2013 He was awarded the Association of Noise Consultant’s Outstanding Contribution award


In 2011 he was awarded Honorary Membership of the Association of Noise Consultants


In 2000 Rupert Taylor Ltd received a British Construction Industry Special Award for The Pursuit of Architectural and Engineering Excellence in Public Transport for our work on the Jubilee Line Extension Project


Rupert Taylor was Chairman of the working group of the Association of Noise Consultants set up review the use of BS 6472:1992 “Guide to evaluation of human response to vibration in buildings (1Hz to 80Hz)”, which recently published the book "Measurement and Assessment of Groundborne Noise & Vibration"


Rupert Taylor is a member of ISO TC108/SC2/WG8, the working group of the International Standards Organization that produced ISO 14837-1:2005 Mechanical vibration -- Ground-borne noise and vibration arising from rail systems -- Part 1


Defra appointed Rupert Taylor's practice to undertake a study of the effects of noise policy over the last 50 years by examining selected topics covering environmental, neighbour and neighbourhood noise. As well as investigating the effects of specific policies the aim of the project is to determine what lessons can be learned to assist the design and implementation of future policy interventions with particular reference to the Noise Policy Statement for England. In 2006 the practice completed a review for Defra on the use of S80 notices served under the Environmental Protection Act 1990.





Board of Conservators of Ashdown Forest
2010 – 2013 (3 Jahre)

Defra Project Board
2009 – 2010 (1 Jahr)

Association of Noise Consultants - 1972 – 2010 (38 Jahre)

Former Chairman - Fairwarp Conservatives
1997 – 2003 (6 Jahre)

Former Leader - Wealden District Council
1995 – 2003 (8 Jahre)

Ausbildung - Harrow School

Projekte - Ebury Square
August 2011 – August 2011

Teammitglieder: Rupert Thornely-Taylor, Teli Chinelis, Roger Kelly



Abe  Books, Rupert Taylor, Noise, Sussex Scandals, Landscapes East Sussex





Saxtead Hall, Saxtead, Woodbridge, Suffolk, IP13 9QT, UK. Tel +44 (0)1728 727424





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