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FINANCIAL RAPE - Councillors Goring and Himmler, found a way to fleece more innocent victims, on their way to the (virtual) gas chambers of commerce. At least property owners get a nice shower on their way to the cremation pits. Wealden, going up in economic flames, as they find their Final Solution! You tell us, what is the difference between such actions and Nazi Germany? And they are all working from home, so, probably watching TV instead of working for your money.






Nazi Germany made extensive use of various types of gas chamber for mass killing. Mass killing is useful for the revenue it generates. It's fine, provided that you have no morals, and do not care about the Wednesbury rule of reasonableness. In theory, Councils owe the electorate a duty to be reasonable, and to provide an effective administration.


With ridiculous council tax bills in the offing, all semblance of being reasonable goes out of the window. We'd not be surprised to find mobs of angry property developers and private landlords, petitioning Wealden, demanding resignations of all those who dreamt up this scheme.


This is the 2023 version of financial extermination in Wealden, to be contrasted against Nazi Germany between 1933 and 1945.




Beginning in 1939, gas chambers were used as part of the Nazi euthanasia program aimed at eliminating physically and intellectually disabled people. Experiments in the gassing of patients were conducted in October 1939 in occupied Posen in Poland. Hundreds of prisoners were killed by carbon monoxide poisoning in an improvised gas chamber. In 1940 gas chambers using bottled pure carbon monoxide were established at six euthanasia centres in Germany. In addition to persons with disabilities, these centres were also used to kill prisoners transferred from concentration camps in Germany, Austria, and Poland. Killings of concentration camp inmates continued after the euthanasia program was officially shut down in 1941.

During the invasion of Russia, mass executions by exhaust gas were performed by Einsatzgruppen using gas vans, trucks modified to divert engine exhaust into a sealed interior gas chamber.

Starting in 1941, gas chambers were used at extermination camps in Poland for the mass killing of Jews, Roma, and other victims of the Holocaust. Gas vans were used at the Chełmno extermination camp. The Operation Reinhard extermination camps at Bełżec, Sobibór, and Treblinka used exhaust fumes from stationary diesel engines. In search of more efficient killing methods, the Nazis experimented with using the hydrogen cyanide-based fumigant Zyklon B at the Auschwitz concentration camp. This method was adopted for mass killings at the Auschwitz and Majdanek camps. Up to 6000 victims were gassed with Zyklon-B each day at Auschwitz.

Most extermination camp gas chambers were dismantled or destroyed in the last months of the World War II as Soviet troops approached, except for those at Dachau, Sachsenhausen and Majdanek. One destroyed gas chamber at Auschwitz was reconstructed after the war to stand as a memorial.


In the UK at present, energy and food prices have risen alarmingly. Just take a trip to Tesco or Lidl, Sainsbury or Asda, and you will get a shock. The cost of living increase is realistically about 20-25%, not 10-11% as we are being told. An even then, if you are a pensioner, in real terms your savings are being devalued by at least 10% a year.







FINANCIAL RAPE - Tax collectors, masquerading as friendly councillors. Wealden's members and officers are out for all they can get. The officers want enhanced pensions, and to continue working from home. Councillors want favours for themselves and members of parliament, and of course their expenses.


The problem for the rate payer, is Wealden do not know how to manage the district, equitably, for the benefit of those less able to fend for themselves. They are in part hampered by years of governments who were inept. Who in their right minds imports gas and oil from Russia. When there is abundant renewable energy on our doorstep. The answer is a politician who is in the pockets of the fossil fuel lobby. And we are talking about cash donations here.






By the time the Germans invaded Poland in September 1939, unleashing World War II, there were six concentration camps in the so-called Greater German Reich


1. Dachau (founded 1933)


2. Sachsenhausen (1936)


3. Buchenwald (1937)


4. Flossenbürg in northeastern Bavaria near the 1937 Czech border (1938)


5. Mauthausen, near Linz, Austria (1938) and 


6. Ravensbrück, women's camp, established in Brandenburg Province, southeast of Berlin (1939) after dissolution of Lichtenburg



The first Nazi gas chambers for human beings were introduced as part of the Nazi euthanasia programme, called "Aktion T4", the operation for eliminating physically and mentally handicapped people in Germany and Poland. At that time, the preferred gas was carbon monoxide. In Germany this was provided via gas cylinders, in Poland mainly by the exhaust fumes of motors.

The first Nazi mass killings of non-German subjects utilizing gas occurred in October 1939 at Fort VII in Poznan, where patients from the mental home in Owinska were murdered in a small gas chamber at Fort VII. This was followed by the use of gas vans and gas trailer(s) at other mental homes in Poland. These killings were committed by the SS-Sonderkommando Lange.

From January 1940, gas chambers were used at six euthanasia killing centres in Germany and Austria (Hartheim) after Viktor Brack, chief of the euthanasia programme, had decided to use carbon monoxide to murder the patients of mental homes in those countries.

Later, after having decided to carry out the "Final Solution of the Jewish Question", the use of gas vans and stationary gas chambers was introduced in the occupied countries of the East, largely in order to avoid the mental problems SS men had encountered while shooting people, mainly Jews. At least 15 gas vans were delivered to the Einsatzgruppen.

After some experiments with the use of "Zyklon B" gas as a killing agent in August 1941, the first mass gassing at Auschwitz occurred on 2/3 September 1941. It took place in the cellar of Block 11 at the Auschwitz Stammlager. A short time later, in early fall 1941, a first gassing in the gas chamber of Crematoria I (also at the Auschwitz Stammlager) was carried out.

In November 1941, the extermination camp at Chelmno was established, where gas vans were used to kill the Jews of Lodz and its surroundings.





Lloyd George and Winston Churchill, before World War Two



Two of the greatest social reformers in British politics, Lloyd George and Winston Churchill. They would turn in their grave at the mess successive Conservative and Labour governments have made - getting us deeper into the financial dung with every false promise. Check out the state of our roads. It's called pothole politics. Borrow, borrow and yes, more borrowing. Instead of rewarding good honest workers. Politicians sit on their (typically) fat behinds, and scheme how to work the skilled trades to death, with yet more taxes. Why not hike taxes on plastics, nuclear and fossil fuels. And reward innovation and innovators, with tax breaks.




In March 1942, stationary gas chambers were introduced at the extermination camp Belzec. After several experiments with gas cylinders and exhaust fumes the SS decided to use a large motor for producing the carbon monoxide gas for three primitive gas chambers. The Belzec gas chambers became the prototype for the larger gas chambers at the Aktion Reinhard extermination camps Sobibor (May 1942) and Treblinka (July 1942).


The peak of gas chamber killings was reached at Treblinka, where 10 gas chambers were in simultaneous use. Here 2,500 people could be gassed within one hour. The victims were forced to enter the gas chambers naked and with raised arms so that the room could contain a maximum number of bodies. Babies were thrown on top of the crowd. Wealden are doing the same, only taxing the electorate to exhaustion, and social cremation.

This method was well-conceived, because the poison gas produced a quicker, deadlier effect if as little air as possible was in a chamber. Therefore the "ultimate" gas chambers were constructed to be as low as possible (about 2 m from floor to ceiling).

To avoid panic, a lot of Nazi gas chambers were camouflaged as bath rooms. Signs were installed, with inscriptions directing the victims toward their final place. In the gas chambers themselves, fake plumbing was added and fake showers installed in the ceilings. Even pieces of soap were handed out, sometimes at Auschwitz and Chelmno, before the victims entered the gas chambers.


Where the Nazis were aiming for maximum efficiency, we are surprised that the bodies of their victims were not recycled as food or fertilizer. The depths that our species is capable of reaching in extremis is mind boggling. 


The beginnings of this kind of thinking is when a country is suffering from hyper-inflation. Britain is on that slippery slope. The faces below could soon be supplanted by Wealden's current batch of councillors and officers. The lineup changes, only very slowly. Where we think council officers and member should be replaced every five years, to prevent cozy relationships being formed. That was the finding of Lord Nolan, during his Inquiry. But nothing changed.








Adolf Hitler


Adolf Hitler

German Chancellor


Herman Goring


Herman Goring



Heinrich Himmler


Heinrich Himmler



Josef Goebbels


Joseph Goebbels

Reich Minister


 Philipp Bouhler


Philipp Bouhler SS

NSDAP Aktion T4


Josef Mengele


Dr Josef Mengele

Physician Auschwitz



Martin Borman


Martin Borman




Adolf Eichmann


Adolph Eichmann

Holocaust Architect



Rudolph Hess


 Rudolf Hess




Erwin Rommel


Erwin Rommel

The Desert Fox



Karl Donitz


Karl Donitz




Albert Speer


Albert Speer

Nazi Architect













Adolf Hitler and chum Heinrich Himmler  [Allegedly, Adolf Hitler did not die in that bunker incident C.1949.  Apparently, he was fired into England, strapped to a V1 rocket, leaving behind his false teeth.  He parachuted into Wealden that night hoping to meet some deviants, who'd arranged a new identity for their fallen comrade.  Apparently, he landed in Crowborough, shaved off his moustache and was mistaken for a council official, whereupon he infiltrated the ranks of the local council and trained them how to use his terror tactics to control the peasant civilians] 














A letter from Adolf Hitler to Phillip Bouhler and Dr Brandt authorizing the programme that would lead to the death camps. The extermination of 11,000,000 eleven million people.






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