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Greenhouse Gas Awards contender, Wealden District Council


REPEAT OFFENDERS - It's no wonder that Extinction Rebellion is gathering such momentum with councils all over England carrying on as if there was no crisis. The carbon footprint for Herstmonceux village has rocketed because of all the failings of the members of Wealden to tackle climate change and set a good example. Wealden's councillors have granted planning permission for hundreds of houses without solar panels or electric vehicle charging points. If this example by every town and village in the United Kingdom, then our country would be one of the worst polluters in the world on a per square kilometer basis. The councillors you voted for are partly responsible for killing hundreds of species. It makes us want to glue ourselves to something. Peacefully mind you. This village is a contender for the Greenhouse Gas award 2019.




Joanna Denton is a planning officer at Wealden District Council responsible for the build of hundreds of houses with high carbon footprints, also partly to blame for refusing permission for a low carbon footprint home in 2019 that only cost 25,000 to build.


Wealden were looking to demolish the 25,000 home despite the fact it is a permitted development as an industrial unit and needed to comply with Health & Safety Regulations.


By saving the unit to comply with H&S Regs, though the family were made temporarily homeless, they will not be totally destroyed financially, by putting them out of business.




Shit creek at Herstmonceux village is Sussex. Would you buy one of these?


THE BROWN CLIFFS OF HERSTMONCEUX - Hailsham Road, Herstmonceux - Housing development in the village above Lime Wood, Herstmonceux in Sussex, clearly designed by climate morons and allowed by the the sheep at Parish and District council level. Sir David would not be amused as to the blight on nature, let alone Queen Victoria. To make matters worse, there appears to be a brown smelly discharge into the stream at the foot of what was a lovely little country ramble with an unspoiled stream. Now it is this insane artificial hillside! It's not Great Britain, it's a Great British Cock Up. You can read more about this at:






In 2020, construction at Woodlands View completed with pile driving that totally undermined the countryside, creating the Brown Cliffs of Herstmonceux, that frankly, anyone looking at would agree it was planning madness, a blight on the land. This whole site is built on backfill, on backfill. You should take a look at these houses, not from the front, but from the woods. We would not buy one of these houses, where once the steel rusts away, what have you got. The roads in question are Oak Way, Hawthorn Lane and Elm Close.


Then there is the substandard A271, littered with potholes. The village was once charming, but is now relegated to a disposable area, to be overcrowded and underserved, simply because all the CIL payments have gone to other areas, and/or providing enhanced pensions for overpaid officers.


This council are know to have invested in fossil fuel companies, for their pensions, etc.




Shit Creek under construction by Southern Water


CIVIL ENGINEERS - It's not their fault, these employees of Southern Water are unaware that their company is potentially party to countryside offences, in working with the developers to try and get around killing local wildlife. It is alleged that badgers were displaced from this location as the bulldozers moved in. Why? Was there an adequate wildlife survey, and/or did they turn a blind eye to what they found, knowing that they'd probably get away with it. At least one of the badgers is now living in Lime Park.





It is about to happen again, only this time it is alleged that Joanna Denton has masterminded a situation where her council will be party to the offence of conspiring to poison birds that are protected by the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, and the Conservation of Habitats and Species Regulations 2017.


It seems (it is alleged) that the developers, Clarion Housing Group and Latimer Developments Limited, may have done a deal with the new owner(s) of The Old Rectory, Alison Deshayes, to pipe water through Lime Pond, despite a covenant preventing pollution. Where the Rectory is/was on the market, offers over 700,000 pounds, potential purchasers have been asked to sign an agreement indemnifying Mrs Deshayes from claims arising from the arrangement with the developers of the adjacent field.


If that is as alleged, anyone signing such agreement, could be party to the offence of attempting to poison wild birds and/or destroying the habitat, including putting fish and other pond life at risk.


Lime Pond is well stocked with fish that at least one heron depends on, and then there are mallard ducks and moorhens. Oh dear. Did anyone do a wildlife survey? And if so, how did they miss what is local knowledge.


Any remedial works, will not be able to prevent the onslaught of pesticides and other household detritus from the proposed 70 houses for very long. Hence, the birds are doomed to be murdered by slow poisoning, and prosecutions will follow.


Would you buy a house in this location, knowing you would be harming all this wildlife? We wouldn't. And it's all about the money. But, you cannot put a price on the safety of wildlife.




Then there is the old watering hole known as Lime Well. This is the only drinking water for a complex of buildings, formerly the old generating works at Herstmonceux. Tim Watson and Gleeson Developments thought it would be a good idea to propose building houses on the hill feeding water to this well. They are not stupid people, so either this was a deliberate effort to deprive/poison those using this well, or they had not heard of the Groundwater (England and Wales) Regulations 2009, wherein the meaning of hazardous and non-hazardous substances is spelled out.


We have heard a recording of a site visit from 2017 where an officer who works for this council says to an occupier (Mr Kruschandl):


"You do know they are out to get you."


In 1998, solicitor Vic Scarpa explained to the Area South planning committee that:


"We don't want to give planning permission to this applicant."


Clearly Mr Scarpa was advising that Committee to violate Article 14 - and they did so. But if you put the two comments together with another letter written by David Phillips to Peter Townley's solicitors, saying their preferred ownership was not the present occupier, and then it begins to look like a conspiracy to poison a water supply, hence, the grant of consent to build houses within a 100 meter radius, appears to be part of a long running vendetta against Mr Kruschandl, also (allegedly) involving Sussex police, who failed to investigate 12 individual criminal complaints in 1997. Obviously, implicating the officers who failed to investigate, including their chief constable's, where later a letter was read to full council, saying there had been an investigation. But it was later revealed that Sussex police had supplied their headed paper to Wealden's officers for them to write their own exoneration.


Now that is what we call a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice!


The odd thing is that the planners and developers could have built on the other side of the field that slopes to the A271, and avoided the flood area and slope that feeds Lime Well. Have they considered this as a preferred option?


We think that Joanna's boss is Stacey Robbins. Previously, she worked for Kelvin Williams, followed by Christopher Bending.




EMERGENCY - You know, those crazy scientists might have been right. It is getting a little warmer. Well, we've made enough to retire on comfortably, so might as well try and save the planet so that we can enjoy spending all the money we made from those high carbon development kickbacks. What about your children? We're all right Jack. They can fend for themselves. Nobody will listen to their cries for help ....



SCORCHED EARTH POLICIES - Wealden have declared a Climate Emergency. We await their Climate Action Plan with eager anticipation. If the plan does not work, this view could soon become an arid desertified version of its former self. Copyright photograph July 2019 Climate Change Trust Hx.










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