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Pardon me for asking, but if there are thousands of houses being built in and around Herstmonceux, but where are all the improvements from the taxes being charged?





Where is the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) being spent. Not in Herstmonceux or Pevensey for sure! Are villagers being ripped off taxation wise? Many people are asking these questions.


With so many new houses being built in and around the village, one might have expected the roads to be widened and pothole free.


Nothing of the sort. Indeed, the potholes are getting worse. But roads are being dug up all over the place, with the repairs being less than satisfactory.





In the quest to illicit CIL payments to prop up their pension plans, Wealden appear (and it is alleged) to have been criminally negligent, in granting consent for 70+ houses in a field near Lime Cross, adjacent to a historic well, that is the only water source for a number of concerns within Lime Park. The law is clear as to the duty owed to existing water users, to protect their drinking supplies from threat of contamination, yet, there is no 106 Agreement as to pesticides and herbicides, or any other form of toxic or carcinogenic contaminant, in relation to the well that was and remains in operation as a source of potable water.












Word has it that Wealden's officers have been investing your tax dollars in oil companies for their enhanced retirement packages. If that is the case, and with oil set to devalue progressively as diesel and petrol vehicles are phased out, should the council not think about re-investing and cutting their (our) losses? Or, is that the reason there are no charging stations in Wealden?


We wonder, and it may very well be so, if your CIL payments are being used to provide fat pensions for council chiefs, rather than going to improve access roads and other facilities.






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