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TRANSPARENCY - As part of the application process, and as continuous monitoring of candidates and especially Members of Parliament, all politicians, local and national should have their bank accounts audited for anomalies. To wit, Lady Michelle Mone and Boris Johnson's speech making overseas, while still a paid MP in the UK. Local councillor's interests and conflicts should also be monitored for proceeds of crime. Here, we are talking of planning crime, that is costing the earth, in climate change as well as in £Billions of pounds of illegal profiteering. Many Councillors only join councils to gain from planning consents.






BREXIT is still not concluded (the Irish Border issue remaining unresolved). Based on what most people would call falsified figures, Boris Johnson, the modern pariah of British politics, landed himself in Downing Street, allegedly, knowing his (fabulous) rhetoric was hollow.


That is part of the problem. The British voting public have been electing politicians who have ramped up borrowing to underpin bullshit Conservative promises - for almost two decades. Not based on verifiable data, but on how well the candidate presents their sales pitch. For that is what it is, nothing more or less: a pitch.


Unfortunately, the average UK citizen actually believes the diatribe, mainly because it is not illegal to exaggerate past the point where, optimism is overtaken by deliberate and calculated lying. It is of course illegal to lie when filling out a job application form. It is fraud. But the British Courts are so corrupted, that 'Magistrates' in a London Court said it was perfectly okay for politicians to lie to voters, when campaigning. WTF!


TV like the BBC, is held to be so biased in their election reporting, as to help dodgy candidates paint a fraudulent canvas, so adding to the con that is being perpetrated. But they have Royal approval to steal your money as TV licenses - that are a violation of Articles 9 and 10 of the Human Rights Act 1998. The right to receive and impart information. Being a right, it must be a choice, as to whether to pay for a service that you do not want. Not a legal requirement. A form of media tax. But, non impartial media. State sanctioned media.


And, let's face it, 'The Firm' need a high level of spin, to overcome their ingrained biases, from years of accepting slavery, and capitalizing on that misery. That is the class system. Hence, Royalty equals Slavery. Because, a "Class System" is based upon privileged humans being superior to other human being. Thus, a form of legalized discrimination. And for some reason, a large number of Britons like being treated as lower class - instead of equals - with equal rights. They like being dominated and abused.


Hence, the propaganda in "Rule Britannia." Britons are indeed slaves. The public have been brainwashed into thinking it is wonderful to be subservient. The system is kept in place by Royalists, those with lands and businesses who are profiting from the present system. Those thinking freely, and questioning such a system, as youthful members of society, looking for equality, rather than a lifetime of paying wealthy landlords, might be seen as Abolitionists.


The notion that the UK can relive her Empire days, based on slaves, is utterly ridiculous, though we are still importing cheap foreign labour, funneled into our NHS. And, we still have financial slavery with banks selling money, as the elite, who don't have to toil, but that is nowhere near as bad as whipping humans until they drop, in the name of profits. Or is it? Or, is it the modern Empire shrinking format?


We say it is time to stop corruption in politics, because it is costing the British taxpayer far too much. Indeed, it is about to cost us the country. As the bullshitters bankrupt us.


Election promise should be verified as based on accurate data, that is made available to the public to be able to see it for themselves. This must be 100% verifiable. With prosecutions of offenders, if they are found to have lied on the Job Application Forms.


Unlike Bojo deceiving Queen Elizabeth, and getting away with it, along with PartyGate. The King must (not should) dismiss newbies who lie. The real problem being that the Heads of State, are (allegedly) more than likely in on it. For, they surely cannot be that dim-witted, allegedly. The Palace has their own highly paid legal advisers. Meaning that the Queen (allegedly) knew Boris Johnson was a liar, when accepting his word as to the legality of proroguing Parliament. More glossing over inconvenient facts, in the rush to business as usual.


Let's not upset the natives.


And, don't forget that the Church of England, was a manufactured religion by Henry the Eighth, the beheading butcher, overseer of the Tower of London. He made up his own religion to bed six wives. When the Catholic faith would not condone such shenanigans. If anyone disagreed with him, then lost their head. And our laws are perfected by the 'Lords Spiritual and Temporal.' Henry's made up religion, tailored to his sexual needs.


All made up. Just like politicians when campaigning for the top job.









Brexit has cost the UK a staggering £33bn in lost trade and investment, according to a new study that found that the economic damage is even worse than previously feared.

Research by the Centre for European Reform (CER), shared with The Independent, shows that Britain’s economy is 5.5 per cent smaller than it would have been if the country had remained inside the EU.

The UK’s goods trade is 7 per cent lower and investment is 11 per cent lower than it would have been had the Remain campaign won the 2016 Brexit referendum, according to the think tank’s analysis.

“Brexit has clearly had a significant impact on the economy,” said John Springford, deputy director of the CER. “There has been a sizeable hit on trade and investment.”

Mr Springford, author of the study, added: “There is a gap between the things politicians want to say about Brexit and what the data tells us. I think it’s become impossible to argue that Brexit has not hurt the UK economy.”

The CER modelled the performance of a “doppelganger” UK – if the nation had remained inside the EU – using data from other advanced economies similar to Britain prior to Brexit, including US, Germany, Norway and Australia.

A previous CER report found that by the end of 2021 the British economy was 5.2 per cent smaller than if the country had not left the EU, a loss of around £31bn.

The think tank has now found that by June 2022, the second quarter of the year, the UK’s GDP was 5.5 per cent smaller than if Brexit had not happened, a loss of £33bn.

The economic hit, first apparent in the years after the 2016 referendum, has become significantly bigger once the UK quit the single market and customs union at the start of 2021, the CER found.

“If you significantly raise trade barriers with your closest trade partner then it’s going to have big impact on your trade volume,” said Mr Springford.

He added: “There has been a very, very clear effect on investment in the UK ever since the 2016 vote – it has completely flatlined. That is not true of other similar economies. It is feeding into slow growth because it lowers productivity.”

Mr Springford said the impact of Covid had slightly complicated the picture when the think tank’s previous assessment was carried out earlier this year.

But he said it was now clear that the difference between Britain’s sluggish performance compared to similar economies was down to Brexit rather than the pandemic. “I’m confident that Covid is not skewing the picture.”

Tory chancellor Jeremy Hunt has rejected grim forecasts of Brexit’s hit to the economy, and Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has said he does not accept the idea that re-joining the EU single market would boost growth.

Mr Springford said political parties should be “straight” with the public on the economic impact of Brexit if they want to set out clear and realistic plans for economic growth.

“While a lot of the marginal seats that the Conservatives and Labour are fighting over are relatively pro-Brexit, there is this incentive to downplay or ignore the economic consequences,” he said.

Layla Moran, the Liberal Democrat spokesperson for international development, said the research showed that the government’s approach to trade with the EU “is doing serious damage to our economy”.

She added: “Their decision to pile endless reels of red tape on British business was based on ideology, not pragmatism. It is small businesses, fishermen and farmers paying the price for this botched Conservative trade deal.”

Naomi Smith, chief executive of the Best for Britain campaign group, said it was “no surprise that the damage caused to the economy and personal finances since leaving the EU far exceeds projections made earlier in the year”.

She added: “With the economic reality laid bare, most people now realise Brexiters sold them a pup. If Sunak wants to turn the economy around before the next election, he should stop pandering to a minority of xenophobes, and start reducing barriers with our largest trading partner.”

The Office for Budgetary Responsibility has estimated that Brexit will reduce GDP by 4 per cent over 15 years from 2016 – swiping around £100bn from the economy.

Mr Springford it was too early to tell the long-term damage. “It could be that most of the economic costs might already have come through,” the economist added. “But it is also possible that the long-run costs of Brexit might be larger than the OBR estimate.”

It follows a damning new report that found Brexit has “added fuel to the fire” of the crises facing the NHS and the social care system. The Nuffield Trust said shutting off the “relief valve” of EU migration has intensified workforce shortages.

Pressures on the supply of medicines and medical devices have also steadily increased since Brexit, the health institute’s report found. Medicine shortages have been “especially prolonged” in the UK – likely because of trade barriers and currency depreciation linked to Brexit, the study concluded.


Speaking to, Nigel Farage said: "Sadly the useless Tories have made life too easy for the rejoiners."

His comments were in light of the CER report suggesting that Brexit had cost the UK £33billion in lost trade and investment.

The research was modelled on the performance of a "doppleganger" UK using data from other advanced economies similar to Britain prior to Brexit, including the US, Germany, Norway and Australia.

Based on their progression since 2016, it suggested that the UK's goods trade is 7 percent lower as a result of Brexit.

Regarding investment, the report stated it was 11 percent lower than it would have been if the UK had remained a part of the European Union.






The British debt situation is so bad that the United Kingdom have to have a Debt Management Office.


The UK Debt Management Office (DMO) was established on 1 April 1998 and responsibility for government wholesale sterling debt issuance was transferred from the Bank of England to the DMO. This re-organisation followed the transfer of operational responsibility for setting official UK interest rates from HM Treasury to the Bank of England in May 1997.


The DMO's remit is to carry out the Government's debt management policy of minimising financing costs over the long term, taking account of risk, and to minimise the cost of offsetting the Government's net cash flows over time, while operating in a risk appetite approved by Ministers in both cases.







The Independent report on delays by Theresa May on climate change and BREXIT












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